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Reasons to Attend:

Why take our word for it? Get the scoop directly from those who attended in 2023!

As a Marketing professional, you understand the value of attending conferences to stay at the top of your game, however, persuading your employer to invest in your professional development might pose a challenge. Utilize the following talking points to demonstrate the concrete advantages of attending the Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit.

Continuous Professional Development

This initiative prioritizes the professional growth of supply chain marketers, emphasizing education over just marketing. The Summit offers a two-and-a-half-day, in-person learning opportunity, complemented by a year-long program with virtual meetings covering key marketing pillars (Branding, Content Development, Lead Generation, and SEO/Online), as well as foundational elements like Public Relations and Editorial. Continuous professional development is crucial. Stay informed on industry trends, invest in personal growth, and enhance your value to your company. Launched in June 2023, this Summit, tailored for marketing professionals, is expanded for 2024.

Invaluable Insights from Executive Shippers & End Users

Gain unique insights from diverse supply chain executives and a Fortune 100 company on creating exceptional experiences, fostering alliances, and cultivating trust with prospective clients. Explore how executives can guide supply chain marketing professionals in understanding the Buyer’s Journey and collaborative decision-making in product purchases. These valuable insights will shape your marketing strategy, with executives sharing their needs, objectives, and impactful marketing approaches. Learn to craft a plan that effectively connects with customers and stays relevant in the dynamic supply chain industry.

Masterclasses & Interactive Learning Labs

In 2024, our emphasis on understanding the needs of end-users remains central. Building upon the insights gained in 2023, the 2024 Summit will see a practical application of knowledge in the four pillars; involving a more profound personal exploration, offering participants a hands-on experience in global supply chain education, application, ideation, and execution. The focus is on active involvement, ensuring that participants engage collaboratively rather than in isolation with their marketing peers and with the end user community in attendance. Gear up for a sense of achievement as you wrap up all four masterclasses, earning yourself a noteworthy certificate of attendance at the culmination of the Summit!

Connect with your Tribe! Be a part of the Supply Chain Marketing Professionals Community

The Summit offers a distinctive opportunity to connect with influencers and visionaries shaping the supply chain marketing industry. Being a part of this exclusive community of marketing professionals enriches discussions on the industry’s trajectory, providing you with expanded connections. Tailored for supply chain marketing professionals, this Summit eliminates the challenge of trying to apply non-supply chain insights to your world—because it is your world.

In B2B marketing, unity is crucial for effective communication. Collaboration allows us to establish a shared language for articulating objectives and gather ideas seamlessly on integrating the four pillars and earned media. Our goal is to facilitate the top supply chain marketing community, where participants can merge insights from 2023, setting the stage for successful campaigns in 2024. The year-long initiative ensures continuous support.

Ask yourself: Are you riding the wave, or are you leaving it up to chance? As a marketing professional, embrace the waves in four key areas:

  • Branding: Ensure the market recognizes you as the surfers of the supply chain, making your brand highly familiar.
  • Content Development: Publish content that, like the perfect sandcastle, builds trust and establishes credibility.
  • Lead Generation: Align your strategy for maximum impact—ride the market waves and land a great catch.
  • SEO & Online: Craft a robust online strategy for visibility, riding the digital wave to stay ahead.
  • Public Relations & Editorial: Add a sprinkle of public relations and editorial flair to ensure your story rides the industry wave and attracts attention on both sides of the boat.