2024 Promotional Videos

Veteran Wisdom & The Newbie Spark – Investing in Growth & Gratitude for Supportive Employers

Sarah Frazier

Ralph Henderson, producer and MC of the Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit, welcomes Sarah Frazier, marketing manager of Argus Logistics. Sarah discusses her company’s investment in her professional development and her eagerness to learn from industry peers. She emphasizes the importance of content creation and strategy in her role. Ralph commends Sarah’s dedication and stresses the value of collaboration in the industry. They highlight the summit’s focus on education, peer-to-peer interaction, and learning opportunities. Sarah expresses excitement about networking with veterans like Ralph. They invite attendees to the summit, emphasizing its benefits for professional growth.

What attracts an EVP to a supplier?

Kevin OMeara

In a conversation between Ralph Henderson, MC Producer of the Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit, and Kevin O’Meara, EVP of Business Transformation at Shaw Industries, Kevin shares insights into the buyer’s journey for supply chain products and services. Kevin’s extensive experience in supply chain, including leadership roles at Shaw and Whirlpool, informs his perspective. In his current role, he oversees enterprise-level initiatives, while in previous roles, he played a crucial role in developing digital strategies and selecting third-party logistics providers. Kevin emphasizes the importance of suppliers demonstrating a deep understanding of Shaw’s business, customers, and strategic objectives. He highlights the need for suppliers to customize solutions based on Shaw’s unique value proposition and strategy, rather than offering generic solutions.

The Interesting Battle of the Marketing Professional

Lance Starks

Supply chain marketing professionals face significant challenges as their products and services often require substantial investments, impacting decisions throughout the supply chain. In a discussion with Lance Starks, Vice President of Global Supply Chain for Shaw Industries, the importance of inclusive processes and alignment with business strategy is highlighted. Lance emphasizes the necessity of understanding Shaw’s customer-centric approach and integrating it into marketing initiatives. He stresses the significance of supply chain marketers knowing both Shaw’s business strategy and its customers. As head of procurement and supply chain business partner groups, Lance values inclusive processes that align with Shaw’s strategy and focus on the customer. 

One Executive’s view on The What/How/Why > WAY of Supply Chain

Randy McClary

The Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit brings together professionals in branding, lead generation, and online strategy. Randy McCleary, lead solution architect from Meyer, will discuss supply chain execution, addressing problems, and finding solutions. He emphasizes understanding the “way” of doing business and navigating supply chain challenges, including those revealed by COVID-19. Ralph Henderson highlights the importance of addressing gaps and color blindness in supply chains. Attendees can expect discussions on these topics to empower marketing professionals. 

One Executive’s view on how to Brand and Develop Content

Georgia Wraight

Ralph Henderson, the MC of the Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit, expresses excitement about having Georgia Raitt, the former president of Covetris and global chief operating officer of the Rockport Group, as a speaker. Georgia discusses her anticipation for the event, highlighting her focus on branding and the significant changes in the industry. She emphasizes the importance of understanding how to position oneself in the market amidst technological advancements like AI for lead and content generation. Ralph encourages viewers to visit the summit’s website for more information, concluding with a lighthearted invitation to join them at the beach. The conversation underscores the anticipation surrounding Georgia’s insights into branding and the evolving landscape of supply chain marketing, inviting attendees to engage with these topics at the summit.

Does your content create credibility?

Christina Daves

Ralph Henderson praises Christina Daves expertise in PR and editorial content, highlighting her role as the closing keynote at the 2023 Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit and her return for the 2024 summit. He emphasizes the post-COVID surge in interest in supply chain topics, creating an opportunity for professionals to be featured in the media. Christina discusses the importance of being interviewed as earned media, building trust and credibility. She distinguishes PR from advertising, underscoring the need for an integrated approach. The conversation previews Christina’s 2024 summit participation, focusing on PR and editorial strategies for supply chain marketing success.

Lead generation to lead your revenue NOW!

Melissa Taylor

Ralph Henderson, organizer of the Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit, highlights the crucial link between lead generation, content development, and business growth. Featured speaker Melissa Taylor emphasizes trust-building through diverse content in the supply chain industry. The summit aims to support professionals with ongoing resources and community, anticipating a transformative 2024 for grassroots content development and prosperity.

Connecting the dots for an effective business development strategy to grow and exceed goals in 2024

Russ Henneberry

Ralph Henderson, organizer of the Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit, introduces Russ Henneberry, a seasoned marketing expert. They stress the importance of aligning promotional elements and discuss four universal marketing objectives: awareness, lead generation, sales, and retention. Emphasizing a holistic understanding, they advocate integrating tactics like content marketing and advertising. Henneberry previews his session on creating a comprehensive marketing plan, addressing the customer journey, obtaining funding, and garnering support. The summit aims to prepare supply chain marketers for success in 2024.

Your Brand is how they know you – They do know you, right?

Krista Neher

Ralph Henderson, organizer of the Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit, introduces branding and online strategy expert Krista Neher. Krista emphasizes that a strong brand serves as a guiding light, leading to consistent messaging, changed perceptions, and improved ROI. She stresses clarity on the brand’s core benefit for standing out in a competitive landscape. Shifting to the online domain, Krista highlights changing B2B buyer behavior and the trend of self-directed buyers. The summit aims to provide insights for supply chain marketing professionals to enhance branding and online strategies.

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