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Your Audience will Have a Crush on You if You do This with Your Brand…

Join Allison Conway Dec 13

Brand & Marketing Consultant, Founder of Sealevel Agency®

Who was your first crush? Were they charismatic and funny? Cute and a joy to be around? Did you get butterflies when they were around? Could you not help but grin when they were around? Imagine your brand is a person – is this how it would make you feel? Is your brand your crush, or the old crotchety teacher you were afraid of? In this webinar, we’ll learn how to make your brand swoon-worthy.

We’ll learn what you can do immediately to be your audience’s crush as well as a long-term strategy. If your brand is the personality of your business, who are you?

What you will take away:

  1. 3 Things you can do right now to make your brand your audience’s crush;
  2. How you can employ long-term brand management strategies to make sure you don’t fall back on old habits;
  3. Real-time examples and audits of audience members’ brands